Our Party Package is perfect for parties, weddings and corporate events.


  • 3 talented local artists performing across 3 hours of your party
  • Sound engineer and high quality Audio System (can also be used for speeches)
  • Artists will have a case open for donations on the day/night. 100% going straight to a charity of your choice
  • A custom fundraising page for your Microshow so guests can donate using their credit card online on the day/night. We also count your cash donations after the event. 

$1500 (excl. GST)
Transparent Pricing Breakdown

  • $300 Artist Payments ($100/artist)
  • $500 Audio PA System + Sound Engineer
  • $250 Event Management 
  • $450 Busk for a Cure Operational Costs 

*All donations on the day/night go straight to a charity of your choice